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Grade 2



ELA (English Language Arts): Fundations has taken us into multisyllabic words and focusing on r controlled syllables. In Wonders, we will begin Unit 4 with the new theme, “OUR LIFE, OUR WORLD.” We will be reviewing the author's purpose as well as recognizing the genre of the text.


Math: We are finishing Module 4 and will begin Module 5. In this module we will be adding and subtracting multiples of 100 within 1,000. We will learn several strategies in order to solve these problems correctly.


Social Studies: We will be continuing to learn about the world around us. We will be focusing on interesting places and national landmarks. The students will also be working on an in-school project in small groups demonstrating their understanding of different types of communities.


Science: We will be continuing to learn about our changing Earth. We will be learning about weathering and erosion, and be able to tell them apart. We will also learn what causes weathering and erosion and what we can do to help prevent it.


Family Connections: Please remember to check backpacks and folders daily.

Special Activities: Black History Month activities




ELA (English Language Arts): Our next units in Fundations are focusing on the vowel consonant e syllable. Unit 3 in Wonders has us thinking about objects in the sky. We will also be learning about the author's purpose. Grammar lessons have us thinking about verbs and using the proper verb tenses.


Math: We will begin Module 4. We will be building fluency in two-digit addition and subtraction within one hundred. We will also be getting into solving two-step word problems.


Social Studies: We will be learning about communities - the different types of communities as well as similarities and differences. We will also be looking at maps and landforms.


Science: We will be learning about how our Earth changes, and the effects of wind and water on our Earth. We will also be learning about the many landforms that are found here on Earth.


Monthly Themes: December/January Holidays Around the World


Special Activities: Continue Ralph S. Mouse Series



Family Connections: Happy Holidays and Best Wishes For a Happy New Year!!!!





ELA (English Language Arts): We will be finishing Unit 4 in Fundations. We learned closed syllable exceptions. We also learned vowel teams. Unit 4 is going to teach us about suffixes and more about vowel teams. In Wonders, Unit 2 is titled “Animal Discoveries”. We will learn about animal survival, animal stories, habitats and babies, and read many poems. We will be learning about nouns and possessive nouns. Read aloud is Beverly Cleary’s mouse trilogy.


Math: We have wrapped up Module 2 and the students did great with measuring and understanding different units of measurement. Module 3 has us expanding our skills to understand place value and comparing numbers to 1,000. We will be bundling units in hundreds, understanding ten groups of ten are equal to a group of 100. We will also be practicing our counting by ones, tens and hundreds.


Social Studies: We will be discussing rules and laws and how they affect our community.


Science: We are continuing to study the interactions of living things. We have learned about many different animal habitats and the behaviors of animals as well as plants that help them to survive in their environment.


Family Connections: Please be sure to check your child’s folder each night.


Special Activities: We will be working on our writing piece for Trimester 1. The children will be writing narratives. The children will write their own stories with a clear beginning, middle and end.





ELA (English Language Arts): Friends and family are the focus of Unit 1 in our Wonders reading program. We will continue to work on comprehension strategies such as stop and jot, visualizing and stopping to ask and answer questions about what has been read. We will begin Unit 2 in Fundations and develop an understanding of bonus letters ff, ll, ss and zz. This unit also reviews r controlled vowels and introduces glued sounds all, am, an, ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk and unk.


Math: We will be continuing Module one working with decomposing numbers to add and subtract within 100. We will then begin Module 2 where we apply what we learned about addition and subtraction in relation to length. We will learn about the ruler and other measurement tools.


Social Studies: We will be learning about citizenship and what characteristics make a good citizen. We will be learning about our community, our government , jobs as well as goods and services.


Science: We will be studying life science, how plants and animals depend on one another. We will also be discussing the diversity of all living things.


Family Connections: Nightly reading and practice spelling. Please be sure to check folders each night and make sure they come back to school each day.


Special Activities: Read aloud The Trumpet of the Swan