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MAY/JUNE 2022:



Spring has finally sprung and we are observing, discussing and exploring various nature themes in Art! Spring projects include: seedlings, blossoms, branches, nests, clouds, bubbles and spring landscapes.


As we approach the end of the year, students are assembling individual folders to take home in late May and early June. A handful of seasonal and/or small projects have gone home in many classes earlier in the year, but many projects are still being stored in our class bins and are eager to go home to be shown off to family and friends for the summer!



APRIL 2022:



Congratulations again to the K-5 Rhodes Artists whose inspiring creations were included in the annual K-12 citywide ArtsFest. This exhibit was on display and open to the public throughout the month of March at the Cranston Public Library on Sockanosset Cross Road.


(5th) Lorenzo Boutier, Ella Cambio, Emmanuel Dominique, Riya Patel, Kobe Reth, Jodie Weng; (4th) William Martinez, Max Piechocki, Eleanor Pinsker; (3rd) Janae Jimenez, Mason Riese; (2nd) Sofia De la Cruz Duarte, Lucas Hamzo; (1st) Evelyn Aardal, Lenora Clarke, Avian Polanco Gomez, Anderson Lora; (K) Lucinda Luttrell, Rory Maggiacomo


April offers us exciting opportunities to observe all the rewards of spring and create projects that focus on nature and the earth. Earth Day 2022 is Friday, April 22nd!



MARCH 2022:



March is Youth Art Month! In addition to our individual artworks, each grade will be participating in a collaborative group project where each student creates one portion of a larger art piece. And here comes SPRING!






All K-5 students continue to develop their 2-dimensional skills through drawing, painting and collage techniques.


  • Kindergarten students have been exploring basic geometric shapes along with mixed media techniques.

  • 1st Graders are exploring the differences between geometric and organic shapes through mixed media.

  • 2nd Graders have been working with line designs that create optical illusions, depth and space.

  • 3rd Graders are exploring shading techniques and value through line designs.

  • 4th Graders are continuing with the cityscapes theme - but we are now creating abstracted skylines for collographs (printmaking!).

  • 5th Graders are creating “funky food still lifes” with oil pastels.


Schoolwide, we’ve observed and discussed various artworks related to all of these topics. Looking ahead… Light and shadow explorations, 3-dimensional artworks and Spring themes are coming! Keep Creating!






Our K-5 Rhodes Artists have been practicing and developing their skills through a broad range of 2-dimensional art media - including drawing, painting and collage techniques. Kindergarteners have been learning about color theory, mixing primary colors to make secondaries; first graders have been focusing on warm and cool colors, along with silhouettes; second graders have been working on several variations of landscapes; third graders just began portraiture; while fourth graders are creating cityscapes; and our fifth graders are exploring traditional and contemporary still life concepts. Schoolwide, we’ve observed various master artworks related to all of these topics. Looking ahead… 3-dimensional projects are coming after the new year!


Keep Creating!

- Ms. Bell





Our Rhodes Artists are off to an amazing start! I’m so excited to have joined the Rhodes School and we’re already busy creating artwork at all levels, K-5. Schoolwide, we’ve studied various artworks by Wassily Kandinsky. While creating our own combinations of lines, shapes and colors, we listened to classical music as Kandinsky liked to do. We also began work in our sketchbooks! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me: [email protected]


- Ms. Bell