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It’s been another creative month at Rhodes! Students in older grades have been finishing self-portraits and learning more about watercolors in the process. They learned about proportions, continued with color theory, and had a chance to express themselves creatively. Some students even had a chance to create mixed media poems to accompany the portraits. Students are now working on learning how to draw using a technique called one-point perspective. They will be applying this new skill to create imaginative streets called “dream streets” where they turn ordinary buildings into extraordinary destinations.


Younger students have been working on a mix of landscapes and cityscapes. Students learned about how color and size can convey distance as well as how horizon lines can come in many different shapes and sizes! Students will take what they’ve learned during their landscape projects and build on it during their next project about cityscapes. Students will also be making mixed media works of art that give them a chance to explore printmaking for the first time this year!


Students in all grades will continue to explore new mediums and ways to express themselves through art. Looking forward to another month of Rhodes students growing as artists and getting creative!




It’s been a full month of art with Ms. Heinzmann and we’ve already had so many chances to create! Children in all grades made up for lost time by creating colorful paintings that allowed for color theory exploration as well as a chance to practice using materials properly. We learned about tints, shades, color mixing and more!


In the weeks leading up to winter break, Kindergarteners and first graders will be creating shape collages, second and third graders will be making colorful line drawings, and fourth and fifth graders will be creating self-portraits. Here’s to another month of creating and exploring through art!





This month we started our first art classes of the year! We have focused on getting to know each other and reviewing some basic elements of design. We focused on shape-making, color theory and creative compositions. Next week students in all grades will start working on their first projects of the year which will range from abstract paintings to landscapes. Looking forward to a fun and creative school year!