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Grade 1

MAY/JUNE 2022:



ELA (English Language Arts): Syllables, -oi, -oy, blending, substitution, abbreviations, biography, -er, -est, inflectional endings, paragraph structure, closed syllables, multisyllabic words, compound words, silent letters, r- controlled vowels, opinion writing


Math: Place value, coins, identifying, composing and partitioning shapes, addition to 100, double-digit addition, money, time


Social Studies: Needs, wants, goods and services


Science: Characteristics of plants and animals


Family Connections: Freckle, Read 30 minutes nightly, Spelling tic tac toe board


Room 15: Live caterpillar to butterfly activity, activities about Diane, our adopted calf

Room 17: Our chicks have hatched! Our students have enjoyed hosting the ten babies in our classroom. During this project we hatched 6 Dominique Chicks and 4 Rhode Island Reds. The students observed the chicks, learned about the life cycle and had the opportunity to hold them! Thank you to Casey Farm (their permanent home) for an awesome experience with Project Chick!



APRIL 2022:



ELA (English Language Arts): Syllable patterns, vowel-consonant-e pattern, long vowel sounds, narrative fiction vs. informational books, irregular plurals, inflectional endings (-er, -est), opinion writing


Math: Geometry: identifying, comparing and partitioning shapes


Social Studies: Goods and services, consumers and products, money earned and money saved, holidays/traditions


Science: Plants and animals


Room 17 has begun Project Chick! Students are learning and observing the chick life cycle. The chick eggs have arrived and are currently in their incubator. For approximately 3 weeks, the students will observe the eggs in the incubator, document their findings in their science notebooks and then watch the eggs hatch into chicks!


Family Connections: Please read nightly, do some work on Freckle and complete the Spelling tic tac toe Homework Board. Return the board on Fridays and be ready for the weekly Spelling check-in.




MARCH 2022:



ELA (English Language Arts): Past tense verbs, closed syllable versus open syllable, vowel teams, narrative versus informational books, suffixes, prefixes, segmentation, inflectional endings, compound words


Math: Addition of tens and ones to a two-digit number, varied problem types within 20, addition and subtraction of tens


Social Studies: US symbols, map


Science: Light/sound communication


Family Connections: Report cards, Google Classroom, TicTacToe homework board


Monthly Themes: Women's History Month; Youth Art


Special Activities: Spring, weather determination

Please check our Google Classroom streams for important updates and the weekly Spelling list/ TicTacToe board. Homework assignments include the TicTacToe board, Freckle, Wonders and reading!


***Room 17 Historic New England - Project Chick begins on: 3/16/22….It will be a very exciting project!






ELA (English Language Arts): consonant blends, digraph blends, blending, reading and segmenting up to 4 sounds, R-controlled words, suffixes, contraction not, sounds oo, u


Math: place value, comparison, addition and subtraction to 40


Social Studies: maps, US symbols


Science: light/sound


Family Connections: Please check Google classroom for all updates in case of a quarantine. Weekly spelling homework lists will be posted, along with Wonders activities, Freckle and nightly reading. The 100th Day of School is on Tuesday, February 8. Please bring in a bag of 100 small items that are the same to count. They will not be handled by anyone else.


Special Activities:

Black History & Lunar New Year- stories and writing pieces

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)- We continue to work weekly with Miss Shannon from Inspiring Minds, engaging in mindful activities to learn how to deal with stress and self-regulation strategies






ELA (English Language Arts): glued sounds, digraphs, capitals and periods, plural nouns, sequence, verbs, contractions, inflectional endings, writing paragraphs


Math: adding and subtracting within 10, place value, measurement, comparing distances


Social Studies: US symbols, maps


Science: light/sound communication


Family Connections: Please check Google classroom for the Spelling word list and use the tic tac toe board.


Monthly Themes: Holidays- Hanukkah and Christmas stories; MLK Day- story and writing piece


Special Activities: Room 15- activities with our adopted calf, Diane, from Fletcher Farm!


Special Activities: Room 17- We are creating a special writing piece on Mindfulness and our first graders will be teaching their families many of the Mindfulness strategies we have been utilizing at home!


Have a wonderful holiday season!





ELA (English Language Arts): We will be studying bonus letters, glued sounds, trick words, punctuation and narrative story form, and writing opinion text and realistic text. In writing, we are working on beginning sentences with capital letters, using spaces between words and ending with punctuation. We will be working on our writing piece for Trimester 1.


Math: We will study subtraction word problems, related facts and decomposing numbers.


Social Studies: Elections, citizenship


Science: Sky patterns


Family Connections: Please check Google classroom notices or your child's folder daily. Please pack an extra change of clothes in your child's backpack in the event we have a spill or accident. They can keep it in a bag in their cubby.


Monthly Themes: Rhodes students made Veterans Day cards for our appreciated Veterans! Students each thanked Veterans for what they so bravely do for our freedoms. We thank Veterans for serving our beautiful nation!


Special Activities: Fall activities!






ELA (English Language Arts): Initial, medial, final sounds, blending, 3-sound short vowel words, segmenting/spelling 3-sound short vowel words, story retell in detail and sequence, high frequency words, spelling words, alphabetical order, phoneme isolation, plural nouns, deletions, inflectional endings, short a, short o, word order


Writing: Informational (Science-Seasons)


Math: Commutative property of addition, equal sign, addition within 10, subtraction as unknown addend and subtraction word problems


Social Studies: Voting, elections, citizenship


Science: Patterns in the sky, seasonal patterns


Family Connections: Please read together nightly. Also, please put a change of clothes in your child's backpack. We have a lot of spills! Please note that we are a peanut and tree-nut free classroom. Please do not send these items for our morning snack or lunch. We request a healthy choice for snack. We are doing an excellent job! First grade rocks!

Special Activities: Nature Walk/Leaf Writing