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Grade 4

We recognize the importance of working as a team both in the classroom and out in the real world. Our team teaching approach has been and will continue to be the 4th grade experience here at Rhodes. Your child has two teachers in 4th grade; Stephanie Pearson teaches math and social studies; Jenna Bradstreet teaches ELA and science. Although there are two teachers and two classrooms, WE operate as one whole grade together. 

General Goals of 4th Grade:


 -Becoming  INDEPENDENT thinkers

-PERSEVERING through a challenging, rigorous curriculum

-Accepting mistakes for what they are:  LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES

-Being ROLE MODELS and building COMMUNITY

Rhodes Home/School Folders and Planners:

Please put any notes in your child’s Rhodes home/school folder and have your child check their folders nightly for notices. Any papers on the “stay at home” side of your child’s folder should be taken out and kept at home. In addition, remind your child to show you their planner nightly. This ensures that you know what your child’s daily responsibilities and homework are. 


Reading Log: 

Please check in with your child each school day to see what book they are reading and initial their reading log. Reading logs are collected/checked on Fridays and passed back to students on Mondays. Students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes per school day Monday-Thursday. 


Math Homework:

Students will generally have math homework Monday through Thursday. The homework will be a review of previously taught skills. Talk to your child about their knowledge of basic multiplication facts. Weekly review of fact families through the 10’s will be beneficial.