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ELA (English Language Arts): We have started Wonders Unit 3 which focuses on the Big Idea “What are different ways to meet challenges?” We will discuss and read about being unique, leadership, Earth and its neighbors, nature and how events in history are unique. This will integrate our Science and Social Studies lessons.


Math: Before vacation we will complete our unit on Multiplication and Area and administer the Module 4 Assessment. Although the end of the year expectation is to be fluent in the multiplication facts from 0-10, practicing math facts at home is essential in order for students to achieve this. Our next module will focus on fractions after vacation.


Writing: We are currently focusing on summarizing paragraphs and answering questions with details and text evidence. It is important that the students answer the question being asked. This is a very crucial skill to prepare for RICAS testing in the spring. Our second trimester is focusing on narrative writing which will begin at the end of the month.


Family Connections: At this point of third grade, there should be more independent reading and following of directions before answering the questions. Although we read the directions to the class, it is evident that they are not being followed. Please have a talk with your child about what an important skill this is in life.

Please remember when picking up the students, a picture ID is required. Please have it available everyday! We are very low on tissues. Donations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Special Activities: *Just a heads up, we will be doing a project in February that will require an empty cereal box for each student. Please put one aside tif possible. MORE INFORMATION will be coming home with your child.*


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!




ELA (English Language Arts): In December, we will continue with Unit 2 in Wonders. Currently, we are working on possessive nouns, which can always be a bit tricky. We are looking forward to writing some Holiday/Seasonal Poetry. Unit 3 will start in January and we will read and write about discoveries in space and how we learn more about our solar system. Next, folktales will be introduced, leading us to discuss what makes different animals unique. Finally, we will read and write about key events and important inventions from the past that changed the way people work and live.


Math: Module 2 assessment will be December 2nd for both classrooms. Next, we will be learning the 6, 7, 8 and 9 multiplication and division tables. The students will be applying the distributive property and the fact 9 = 10 - 1 strategy to multiply. We will be interpreting the unknown in multiplication and division to model and solve word problems. Please keep practicing your math facts.


Science: This trimester we will learn about environmental changes and effects, how plants and animals survive to avoid extinction.


Writing: In December, we will be working on our first trimester writing piece. It will be a three-paragraph Informational Writing. The students will have to cite evidence and give examples using an article and watching a video, from taking notes on a graphic organizer. Please note that the students will complete this independently! Next, we will be working on a “Holiday How To.” After winter break, there will be more focus on Narrative Writing in preparation for the Second Trimester Writing piece.


Family Connections: In January, ask your child to show you the trick we learned for the 9’s tables.


Special Activities: This month our classroom read aloud is My Side Of The Mountain,


Happy Holidays!! Enjoy our Winter Break!!





ELA (English Language Arts): The topic of Unit 2 in Wonders is “Figure It Out!” We will read, discuss and write about cooperation, immigration, government and survival. We will work with singular, plural and possessive nouns. In class, we will touch upon Limericks, Free Verse, alliteration and rhyme.


Math: What a great job the students did on their Module 1 Test!!! We have begun Module 2. This unit involves measurement of time, liquid and mass of objects. We will solve word problems, measure using appropriate tools and estimate lengths. An important concept to remember is that all units of measurement need a label! The students always seem to enjoy this module! We will begin Module 3 which continues with multiplication and division before Thanksgiving break. Please have your child occasionally tell you what time it is from an analog clock (a clock with hands). They should be able to tell to the minute (example: 4:17).


*Social Studies: We will have discussions about the roles of a citizen in the community and how to be a responsible citizen, as well as WHERE you live influences HOW you live.


*Science: We will be discussing how people deal with Hazardous Weather Worldwide. In preparation for Trimester 1’s district writing, we will be particularly focusing on the Impacts of Natural Hazards and the tools a meteorologist uses to predict the weather.


*Integrated into our reading lessons.


Writing: We will be completing an Informational Writing Piece with the focus: “A meteorologist has many tools to predict the weather.”


Family Connections: Please practice Multiplication flash facts with your child. We have noticed that telling time is a skill that the children have difficulty with, so please practice using an analog clock (a clock with hands). We have noticed across the 3rd grade that the students are having trouble following directions, completing work in a timely manner and being polite and kind to classmates and staff. Please have a conversation with your child about these areas of need.


Special Activities: We would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving!





ELA (English Language Arts): In Unit 1 of Wonders we will complete a Genre Study of Narrative Nonfiction, Realistic Fiction and Argumentative Text. We are reading, writing and discussing what traditions teach us about different cultures. We will continue with learning how people from different cultures contribute to a community. We have also begun Level 3 of Fundations. We are enjoying a 3rd Grade Read aloud of Matilda, by Roald Dahl. Next we will read Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The children are enjoying this a great deal.


Math: The first Module in Math has been focusing on properties of Multiplication and Division and Solving Problems with Units of 2 - 5 and 10. The students should have printed, made or purchased multiplication flash cards. Have fun seeing if you can increase your time in answering the facts. Please check that your child is putting the Math Problem Sets in a folder at home to use to study for the Module Assessments. The Module 1 Assessment will be given in October. The students will be told to write the date in their planner so they can start preparing. Please check the planner for the date.


Social Studies: Learning how culture and environmental characteristics influence the way we live has been integrated through many of the selections we are reading in Wonders. We are also learning about how WHERE you live influences HOW you live. Think about it!


Science: First Trimester we will be studying Earth Science, focusing on weather and climate and Natural Hazards.


*Science and Social Studies are integrated into our ELA lessons.


Writing: The district writing piece for the first trimester is Informational Writing and ties in with what we are learning in science. We have begun cursive writing, and the students are SO excited!


Family Connections: As of October 3rd, it is expected that the students complete thirty minutes of homework, Monday through Thursday nights. Information will come home from the classroom teacher about what homework will consist of. Please have your child log what they did in the homework box before having their planner signed. We are looking forward to meeting all of the families at Open House on October 13th from 5 -7, this is for adults only.


We are off to a great start!!!