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MUSIC with Ms. Bobola


BEAT-Move and play percussion instruments to the macro and micro beat.

TIMBRE- Instruments from the percussion family-recognize by sight and sound.

RHYTHM-Chant same/not the same patterns in duple meter. Identify and create patterns made up of quarter, and eighth notes/rests.

FORM-Create movements to show different sections of music.

SONGS-Hello Everyone, Hey Hey, This Little Light of Mine, Get On Board Little Children, Little Johnny Brown, 1-2-3 Who Will It Be?, Somebody Loves Me.


4/5-Ms. Eminger

Students will continue to work on their recorder skills and reading pitches B A G on the staff.

RHYTHM-Identify and create patterns made up of quarter, half, eighth notes/rests.

SONGS-Hey Ho Nobody Home, Follow The Drinking Gourd, Down By the Riverside, I’m not Gonna Be Your Valentine, George Washington.



As a reminder, Band and Strings meet EVERY Wednesday. Please help your child to remember their instrument and music. Super proud of the progress our musicians have made!!!


MUSIC with Ms. Barbieri


Music: 4th and 5th grade students received recorders in school that they will use to practice songs for the upcoming Link Up with the Orchestra program in May. When it’s complete, students will be able to keep and take home their recorders.




For the month of December, students will be practicing for the Rhodes Holiday Sing which will take place on December 20th! More information TBA!


Happy Holiday Season!


Ms. Barbieri/Ms. Bobola





MUSIC with Ms. Barbieri

In music class this month, the K-2 students have been learning some fun Halloween songs! We added body movement to a few of them as well as instruments. The students have also been continuing to do their scale warm-up at the beginning of class and play circle games in which they all have to work together to keep a steady beat.


In grades 3-5, we have been learning about the four instrument families that make up an orchestra. We then played orchestra bingo in which the students must identify the instrument I am playing from my cd and mark it on their cards. Most classes have also been given recorders that were provided by the RI Philharmonic and will be learning to play several songs, some of which will be played virtually along with the Philharmonic in May!


MUSIC with Ms. Bobola

Grade K/2- During the month of November, we will continue to work on maintaining a steady beat (macro and micro) through chanting, singing and playing instruments.

Song List- Everybody’s Welcome, Everyone says Good Morning/Afternoon, Hello, Hello Elbow, Let Us Chase The Squirrel, Hop Old Squirrel and We Are Thankful

Instruments- Tambourine, maracas, xylophone and boomwhackers

Rhythm- Students are chanting patterns made up of Quarter notes/rests and Eighth notes.

Continuous Fluid Movement- Autumn Leaves


Grade ⅘ Ms. Eminger's class- We will continue to work on how to read a treble staff. Students are also learning how to play the recorder, notes B, A and G. The song list includes Hot Cross Buns, Gently Sleep and Merrily We Roll Along.

Band and Strings- We rehearse every Wednesday! Please help your child to remember to bring in their instrument on that day. *Tip: Place the instrument by the door the night before.


Thank you!




MUSIC with Ms. Bobola

I’m happy to be a part of the Rhodes Elementary family-even if it is only 1 day per week! Here’s what’s been happening on Wednesdays in music:


Steady beat-Moving and chanting to ‘Engine, Engine, #9’, ‘Popcorn Chant’

Singing-’Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed’, ‘I’m so Glad to Be Here’, Happy School Song’

Instrument-Students learned how to hold and play the tambourine to ‘Tambourine Kid”

Performance/Audience etiquette-’Tambourine Kid’

Body Awareness-’minor tonality


Grade 2-

Steady beat-Moving and Chanting to ‘Jump In, Jump Out’

Singing-’Up the Ladder, Down the Ladder’, ‘Mama Paquita’

Rhythm-Chanting patterns in duple meter


Grade ⅘-Ms. Eminger

Steady Beat-Macro/micro beat

Singing-’Mama Paquita’

Reading- Staff-line notes and space notes

Instrument-Students are learning how to play the recorder! Look out for ‘Hot Cross Buns’!



Due to no school on October 5th; please refer to the new schedule for BAND only:

10/12-Brass/Percussion (trumpet, trombone, bells)

10/19-Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone






I am super excited to be a part of your child’s musical journey! Please reach out to me at any time if you have any additional questions or concerns.



Bethany Bobola

Music K-5

Cranston Public Schools

[email protected]


MUSIC with Ms. Barbieri

We are getting into the swing of things in our general music classes! Kindergarten, first and second graders have been learning about the musical scale and singing different scale songs to warm up their voices at the beginning of each music class. We have also been playing various classroom instruments with our songs to maintain the steady beat and demonstrate AB form. Grades 3, 4 and 5 have also been using classroom instruments and are learning how to read music and follow the lyrics for songs with multiple verses. In addition to singing and classroom instruments, all classes have been playing fun music games to reinforce these skills and others! We are off to a great start and I am looking forward to a fantastic year!!


Ms. Barbieri