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Board Members
Co-Presidents: Josh McDonnell & Michelle King-Green
Treasurer: Keith Catone
Corresponding Secretary: Jesse Cerro
Recording Secretary: Jillian Finkle
Membership: Marissa Walker
For any and all general questions regarding PTA, feel free to email:
Upcoming Events
* More to come!
Please copy and past the link below into your browser see the events and programs that need help and to sign up.
Photos capturing our fun!!!

PTA Meeting Agendas
REAP stands for RHODES ENRICHMENT AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. This program brings classes and instructors to the students at Rhodes School instead of you taking them.
REAP has 3 sessions throughout the school year:
Fall (8 weeks) starts in late September
Winter (8 weeks) starts in late January
Spring (6 weeks) starts in May
REAP receives grant money so that full and partial scholarships can be provided and for programming to help lower the costs. Our hope is that every student who would like to take a REAP class is able to. Please email RHODESPTAREAP@GMAIL.COM for scholarship questions and to find out if you may qualify for a scholarship.
If you know of someone or an organization that you think REAP should contact in the future about programming, please let us know! We are always looking for new and fun classes to offer the Rhodes students.
If you have any other questions, please contact Melanie at RHODESPTAREAP@GMAIL.COM