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Description of CURRICULUM/PROGRAMS used each day with students:


Boston Public Schools (Kindergarten): The Boston Public Schools Curriculum is an integrated approach to learning that emphasizes student choice and active participation. The kindergarten students participate in four units of study: communities, animal life, construction and engineering and their earth. Much of the student learning is achieved through the use of learning centers. There is a strong emphasis on integrating literacy with the math, science and social studies. In each center, the learning is purposeful and intentional.


Fundations (Grades K - 3): Fundations is a systematic teaching approach to phonics and spelling. This program teaches kindergarten students letter sounds in a very specific way so that they learn to associate letters with their sounds. In later grades, students then learn to write their letters and build words.


Eureka (Grades K - 5): Eureka is a systematic math program that encourages math fluency and problem-solving, and builds concepts through hands-on activities and practice.


Wonders (Grades K - 5): Wonders is a comprehensive K-6 English Language Arts program which aligns with the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) as well as incorporates both science and social studies topics within lessons. Wonders contains multiple components which allow teachers to incorporate small group/individualized instruction to meet students’ individualized academic needs. Wonders also includes a technology component to be utilized by both students and teachers.

StemScopes (Grades K - 5): 100% digital, up to date, online, comprehensive, hands-on Science curriculum.